I’m alive!

This is a re-post from my diary egreeneryntry dated 09/1o/09.

…I’m very grateful about how my day ended despite everything that had happened.

Here’s why:my latest trip from Bukidnon to Marawi

12:30 pm– I went out of the house to ride a motorela to the bus terminal.

1:05 pm– After a period of waiting, the bus bound for Cagayan de Oro had finally moved (at last!)

in between–I dozed off to sleep after looking at the green scenes of Bukidnon while thinking “Oh God! How fast time flies! Isn’t it just yesterday when I was on a bus with my cousin (Jesreal)? We were both fearful, anxious, but with an increased spirit of adventure as we ventured the road to Marawi for the very first time.  But now, it seems as if time had passed so fast and here I am riding a bus again off to my last semester”

I dozed off with my heart feeling clawed so badly…

3:58– How shocked I am that after a loong ride, I’m still in Gusa, far from Agora (the bus terminal). I tried to sleep…

4: 10– I am still on the same place (Gusa) and the bus had only moved a bit! I discovered that two private vehicles had collided near our bus. Close call and I was whining. How ingrata!

4:20–I arrived at Agora Bus terminal and rode on a multicab going to the Westbound terminal in Bulua.

4:35–I’m was in Bulua and rode a non-stop aircon bus to Iligan.

6:30– I arrived at the Northbound Terminal in Tambo,Iligan City dizzy and hungry and worried. Will I still be able to catch the last jeep to MSU? I rode another bus for the Southbound terminal.

6:45– My heart was racing so are my feet as I arrived the ST. Where is the jeep for MSU? Am I going to end up spending the night in Iligan City? Am I going to spend the night again at Dunkin Donuts? God forbid, I don’t have extra money!

Luckily, I spotted the jeep and ran to it before asking if it’s bound for MSU. I made it!!

7:30– in the jeepney. fighting the urge to vomit. and then the jeepney stopped. flat tires. The jeep stopped miles away from the city and there was no electricity in the area. It was then that I first noticed the other passengers in the jeep. There were only 3 females including me and the rest are men.

Countless of cynical thoughts had passed until the tire was inflated and the jeep roared to life again.

8:15– I smelled the fresh night air and I knew I’m in MSU.

Thank God I survived the day!♥


“Ang buhay ay isang paglalakbay, minsan may nauuna, minsan may nahuhuli.Kung kaya mong mauna, huwag kang kukupad-kupad.”– ART

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