Dorm blues


Date: 11/11/09
Place: A dorm in MSU
Scene 1: Room 301
(Loud knock on the door. Tok. Tok. Tok!)
Landlady (Auntie M): (opened the door) ayo! Magbayad na kayo ng bahay!
Poy (iniwan ng roommates): ZzZzzzzzzzz (tulog daw)
Aunt M: (closed the door)
Scene 2: Room 302
(Loud knock on the door. Tok. Tok. Tok!)
Ate 88: (whispers) Hala! Si Aunti M– na na!
(commotion, commotion)
Zed: Asa ko magtago? ( went inside the locker, dile pa jud masira)
Plang2x (d new roommate): Shh! Shh! Shh! (flew to her bed. Zed followed her)
Maricar: Basta tulog jud ko ha. ZZZZZZzzzzzz
Ate 88: (opened the door) O, hi auntie!
Auntie M: Bakit ang tagal nyong binuksan? (She went inside and eyed the 3 “sleeping” ladies) Hmp! Alam kong gising pa kayo! Magbayad na kayo.
Zed: (feigned a yawn) Te, wala pa jud te ai. Naa pa jud sa Land Bank akon kwarta.
Plang2x: Te, wala pajud mi naka-withdraw te.
Mc: Haaayyy (stretched her arms) Ay auntie! naa diay ka? Te, naa pa sa MLhullier ako te.
Aunt M: SUs! Sige ra mog ingon ana. Yon pala hindi pa kayo pinadalhan ng pera. Magbayad na kayo kundi…
Zed: Te, pwede P500 muna ang ibajad ko? Next time nalang yung P500.
Aunt M: Di pwede! One month pay,one month advance! YUn ang batas.
88: Sige na auntie. (paawa mode)
Aunt M: O sige, sige. Akin na mga P500 nyo.
Zed: (paiyak) P400 ra gajud akong kwarta te…
Plang2x: Ako kay P300 ra te.
Aunt M: Sus ninyo! Kung dile mo magbayad, panglayas na mo!
88: Te naa na ako P500 te o.
(Zed, Plang2x ran to thir 2nd floor friends to borrow money)
Plang2x: te, naa na akong P500.
Zed: Ako pud. (After a second) Te, pwede hiramin ko muna tong 50 para pangkain ko bukas?
Aunt M: ANo ba!!!
Zed: Joke lang te.
(Narrated with sound effects and actions by 88 Liquido)

(Picture credits: P. Inocencio (sorry sa pagkuha ani sa iyang friendster account)

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