Statement of the Problem

We have just finished general cleaning in the room. And I have unearthed (under the bed) some of my notes when I was covering news stories in a summer job and practicum.

Here are some quotable quotes from those I met:

“SIGE! Pikchuri mi para makita sa atong gobyerno ang problem.”

“…Kay ang mga basakan dira kuhol na lang ug alimatok ang sulod.”

[Said by two among those who queued in an NFA rice outlet in Malaybalay during the height of the 2008 rice shortage]


“Naa man pud pag night time. Pero dile lang sila madakpan kay dile man Makita kay gabie naman…” – Roads and Traffic Admin (RTA) aide on the presence of illegally parked trucks on the streets of Cdo that should be towed.


“We can’t understand why the students rally against even a P25 tuition fee increase while they willingly pay P2,000-P5,000 for fieldtrips?— MSU admin official on TFI

“Anyway, you know about our reaction when the admin tried to implement TF increase. We strongly opposed it. I’ll only agree to the increase…if they could justify the need and increase transparency…” – former SSG prexy, 2008


“Ibalik nyo sa akin si Patayak!!!”

“Manalamin muna kayo bago nyo kayo tumingin sa akin. Lahat tayo ay may dumi rin”– Rasmia, a crazy woman on 5th St.


PS. more quotes later. bye for now

PPS. The blogger (that’s me) did not have any permission from the people dragged into this blog. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men.

DENR has launched an all-out campaign in planting trees. Many people had complied, they have started planting…on Farm Town and Farm Ville. (forwarded text message)

2 responses to “Statement of the Problem

    • yeah, i love writing journals. it serves as my outlet for inner thoughts, feelings, ideas, angst, etc.

      The same goes to my blog. 🙂

      Good day to you!
      And I missed your blog and the poet’s rally, again. 🙂

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