Travel Light

I have watched ABS-CBN’s ‘The Healing Eucharist’ on New Year’s Eve. And this is what I’ve learned from Fr. Jerry Orbos, svd:

Tips on Traveling

  1. Travel Light. Let go. There are a lot of things you don’t need in life. You cling too much on things and in the end became a slave to them. Travel light in matters of the heart. Release some wants. Stop controlling things and people.
  2. Travel with joy. Move on!
  3. Travel with hope. The future is a Great Unknown so don’t stray. Stay on the road.
  4. Travel not alone. Value your friends and family–your near and dear ones.
  5. Travel with trust. “We may not know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.” Let go. Let God.

With these tips, I realized I should unpack my luggage before I went off on my journey. And these are what I saw inside my bag: photos/wendren/ 4174281638/

  • A book of failures and disappointments
  • my ID card
  • A bottle of anxiety and tears
  • Gifts of friendship
  • A list of adventures
  • A book of struggles
  • A syringe of awareness
  • Seeds of doubt
  • A photo album of love
  • A COR (certificate of registration) of a cross-enrolled course
  • A book of memories
  • A bottle of spirits
  • A list of plans
  • A list of

    • Top Movies: Simon Birch, My Sister’s Keeper, Avatar
    • Top Reads: One Hundred Years of Solitude (GG Marquez), Love Letters (AR Gurney), The Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan) and ABNKKBSNPLAKo (Bob Ong)
    • Top Secrets: ☺♥☻
  • A blanket of hope

I have decided to let go of the big bulks of some negative contents of my luggage.

I’ve discarded my COR, I have cross-enrolled in another expensive course: Bachelor of Arts in Social Networking major in Facebooking minor in blogging.  I will say goodbye to my books of struggles and failures; I’ll give them to friends to learn from. Good bye all bad vibes!

So along with the useful items I kept in my bag, here are what I added:

  • A booklet of prayers
  • A health guide: [here’s a peek]

    • Eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch, and a pauper in supper
    • Exercise: walk/jog 1-2 laps around the oval at least once a week
    • Internet use every Tuesday and Friday only
  • A planner w/ a list of goals
  • A blank notebook
  • A book on wisdom

    • [here’s a peek] “Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’ll get”–Forrest Gump’s mom
    • “Just because someone has fancy sneakers doesn’t mean they can run faster.” –Jon Bon Jovi
  • A pen of strength
  • A badge of courage
  • A wrist watch of discipline
  • A soap of beauty
  • my old & updated IDentification cards
  • A pencil w/ eraser
  • A pair of eyeglasses of understanding
  • An extra pair of shoes

So there, I think I’m ready to go. After arranging my backpack (yes, I’ve traded it into a smaller one), putting on a big smile ☺ and a dreamy face, with some friends in tow, I will go.

Oh, and here comes the jeep. 2010, here I go! ☺

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