When I Was No Bigger Than A Huge

When, I, was, no, bigger, than, a, huge,
Star, in, my, self, I, began, to, write,
Of, rose, and,

Tiger: till, I, burned, with, their
Pure, and, Rage. Then, was, I, Wrath-
And, most,
Gentle: most,

Dark, and, yet, most, Lit: in, me, an,
Eye, there, grew: springing, Vision,
Gold, and,
Its, wars. Then,

I, knew, the, Lord, was, not, my, Creator!
–Not, He, the, Unbegotten—but, I, saw,
Was, I—and,

I, began, to, Die, and, I, began, to, Grow.

(This poem was written by Jose Garcia Villa (1908-1997), a Filipino poet and writer, who is known as ‘The Comma Poet’. He was awarded National Artist for Literature in 1973 )

10 responses to “When I Was No Bigger Than A Huge

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    thank you for the sweet visit,
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