Rain, rain, go away!

When the sun shines above us,

let there be rain so we won’t die

in the scorching heat.

When the river flows inside us,

let it run dry until quenched

by the coming rain.

When it’s storming and raining

let it be, let it be, my love

For a rainbow is waiting

and the sun and the

river will come to life


28 responses to “Again

    • hi jingle!

      yeah, life is a cycle. a series of ups and downs. in Filipino language, we call it “gulong ng palad” (wheel of fate).

      i only hope i’ll be up soon.

      happy march!
      good day! 😉

  1. yes, u can join any time!
    let me know when your poem, along with an award picked from my blog, a list of 12 poets…

    • hey kseverny!

      uk is a lot better then.
      it’s getting sooo hot here in the philippines.

      thanks for liking this poem.

      good day! 😉

    • hi suzicate!
      thanks for liking the poem.
      and oh, i forgot to put the credits on the pic.

      thanks for the jingle jangle award! ;0

    • hi gerardine!
      u are right, there are many things that could be brought by rain.

      at present, we need rain because it’s so hot.
      isn’t it hot in there?

      thank you for dropping by!

      good day! 🙂

    • yeah, you’re right corve.
      while you don’t like the chilly weather in your place, i want it because it’s too hot in here (heatwaves).

      good day! 😉

    • oh, hi jingle!

      i’ve been absent from the bloggosphere for ages.
      how are you?

      and thank you for the award.
      although, i don’t think i deserve it. (again)

      it’s good to be back here.
      good day! 😉

    • it’s all because of you and your poet rallies! 😉
      i would really love to become a regular rallyist, but my sched won’t allow it.

      and my poetry Muse only shows when i’m brimming w/ emotions.


      good day to you Jingle! :0
      and thanks.

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