Beasts and Women

Back in my hometown, there was this crazy old woman who has been sexually exploited many times by rotten drunkards as she trudge the streets wearing only her undergarments.

That crazy old woman would always remind me of all other suffering women in the world.

Where can we see women today?

We can see them at home—a mother cleaning and inculcating values to her children. We can see them in the academe—teaching and learning life’s lessons. We can see them in government agencies, in talk shows, magazines, everywhere. But we could also see women in the streets begging for alms, or selling rice cakes or carrying placards in protest. We can see th em on TV after being raped, exploited and scandalized. We can see them on magazines and tabloids posing in scantily-clad clothes. We can see them in the churches after being forced to marry.

Where on earth have we buried the respect for women as we have buried chivalrous men of the past?

We could now notice men refer to women as “chicks” (as if we came from hen’s eggs) or “dolls” (as if we are mere playthings). Women are now used as sexual commodities inferior to men.

I’m not blaming men for all the sufferings women are facing. There are also some sufferings that are self-induced. But is it womankind’s fault if some women have gone astray? We are still worthy to be treated with respect as an equal human being.

A man who knows how to value a woman values life, for women conceived men. And a man who doesn’t value a woman is a beast for he seemed to be conceived by the soil and not by his mother.

This article written by art was first published in Hudyat (Vol1 No2) in Mindanao State University-Marawi City.

PS. Happy Women’s Day everyone!

 (better late than never. ;))

10 responses to “Beasts and Women

  1. Hello, this is Jingle!
    Nice post!
    I know the inequality exist in every society, it is complex issue, thank you for the highlight.

    It ic called Flash Friday-55,

    you can use the word count link, type in and it tells you your word counts,
    I used this web tool to count, exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR

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    • hi Jingle!
      thanks for liking the post.
      true, this is a complex issue.

      I might try this Flash Friday-55.
      It’s cool. cool.

      happy sunday! 😉

  2. did you notice my most updated post, it is called Sunday-160.

    you can try this one if you have time,
    you see the web tool, simply copy and paste your writing in, click enter, then it tells you character count including space…

    Happy Sunday!
    I enjoyed your beautiful comments!

    • ooops, yeah, I have overlooked at the Sunday-160.

      Im trying it now, and unfortunately i can’t even reach 160 characters.

      well, it can if i include rants about some prank text messages and calls i received over this weekend.

      but im quite empty-brained now.hehe

      how about you? how’s your weekend?
      Good day! 😉

    • Hi Jingle!

      Thanks for the Spring TRust!
      Wow. I’ve got loads of awards from you!
      I will post them here later.

      Nah, Im just busy being a student.

      Good day to you Jingle! 😉 😀

    • Sure you did!
      It shows.
      I like the photos you posted,
      you have an eye for photography.

      Happy Wednesday!
      well, it’s a stresssful wednesday and thrusday for me.
      but it’s necessary.

      good day! 😉

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