My bed and eye

If this computer could talk, maybe it has said the same thing.

Dang, I don’t have anything to say.

erm. ahm (*hemming and hawing)

I have just proven this notion:

Too much exposure to radiation= superpowers


I’m tired like a flat tire.

20 responses to “My bed and eye

    • hehe.
      at least i made you smile (or laugh?)
      but really, i’m racing with time now.

      thank you for dropping by jingle! 😉

    • jingle!

      thanks for the award.

      regarding my last comment up there, i guess i lost my sense of time, it’s already dawn. my!

      good morning! 😉

    • thank you for this award Jingle!

      as i’ve said on your site, im still looking for that poetry muse who left me when i got busy over other things.

      thank you! thank you Jingle!
      😉 😉

  1. hi Jingle!
    THanks for this!

    How are you?
    I’ve been away from this blog for ages. And i missed you.

    Good day! ♥♥

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