No Dull Beat

Today is the first day of my summer job as a beat reporter in a local newspaper, Central Mindanao Newswatch.

So yesterday, as preparation, I have watched TV for the whole day.

These are just some snippets of commentary to some shows and programs that have caught my attention.

The Trivia King


I love this program which features environmental issues and scientific facts. It turned out that Ernie Baron is not dead—or had he just reincarnated into a younger Kim Atienza? The Trivia King called Kuya Kim is a sure hawk eye.

The Buzz

where's the x factor?

What have caught my eye is the KCx portion where KC Concepcion gets to interview stars (I think this is the segment vacated by Ruffa G.). I really find it awkward watching her interview with Kim Chiu. It’s like watching a singer and worrying if she miss a note and not enjoying the song and its meaning. IS it just me or is it really KC?


My mother was a S haron fan. But I think I’m not. What has happene d t o her show? It was reduced from Oprah-ish to a gag show. Enough said.TSk.Tsk.



I did not regret staying up late watching this election debate held at the La Consolation College Manila. Last night involved selected senatoriables from different political parties.

Here are some quotable quotes:

Satur Ocampo: Nakaharap ko na ang mga torturers** ko, pero nakayanan ko pa ring magtimpi at ngumiti.

Jovito Palparan: Ang HR records ko ay di nailathala…**

Neric Acosta: HIndi pagmamay-ari ni Noynoy Aquino ang Hacienda Luisita. Ito ay pagmamay-ari ng buong pamilya nya.

Lisa Maza:  Solusyunan ang problema sa agrarian reform para wala ng rason na mamundok ang iba.

Raul Lambino:  Reklamo kayo nang reklamo. Pero si Gloria ba, napatalsik niyo, napakulong niyo?

JV Bautista: Ang solusyon, wag munang bayaran ang utang ng Pilipinas.

Kit Tatad: Ang RH bill ay namatay na at ilibing na po natin ito.

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel: Di ko alam na ang presidente natin ay si Obama. Ang sinusulong ng RH bill ay access sa impormasyon at serbisyo.

Jo Imbong: God cannot be separated from its people not politics and morality.

Kata Inocencio: Hindi mag-iimpose ng state religion sa pamumuno ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

Whew! I really enjoyed the debate. I’m looking forward for more.

Oops, I almost forgot two other senatoriables who agreed on everything that I forgot they are debating.***

Bebot Bello: My 1st law would be the creation of an independent peace panel to solve the conflicts in Mindanao.

Adel Tamano: I agree. It’s been 40 years since insurgency in Mindanao, dapat tutukan na. By creating peace panel, we can do that.


*Harapan= Face-off

** I am not sure of this. Actually some statements are not presented verbatim here. I don’t have recorder.

***Debate: To engage in argument by discussing opposing points. (


The views and opinions expressed in this post is from someone who have not watched TV for quite a long time.

So anyway, for today’s first day of work. I learned that there is no dull beat– even on TV.

7 responses to “No Dull Beat

  1. Good Luck on your new summer job,
    you are pink and cheerful,
    Happy Day!

    Missed you.
    glad to see you in.

    • thanks for these!
      Maybe i should really blog more so that i’ll feel that i deserve these.hehe

      God bless you Jingle!:0

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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