Election Notes

deus ex machina?

I am one of those who painstakingly queued in my polling place early morning to exercise my right to suffrage.

This morning I could see many people who got impatient. But just as someone said, the tension is due to 1) the anxiety to this historic election 2) the rain 3) unsystematic queuing.

Yes, it was raining hard while people are on the line. Some came close to shouting expletives to others. Some were complaining.  I heard somebody saying in vernacular, “I thought this will be a faster elections (because of automation), why have I waited for hours in here?”

Well, I guess many have forgotten that the automated elections only covers an automated canvassing of votes– the process of voting is still manual.

So, what do you expect? Today’s election was slower than the previous because of the clustering of precincts (the precincts w/ 200 voters are merged into 3 or 4 others to form a cluster).

Anyhow, it’s a day.

Let’s just hope for the best. I hope that my vote will be counted. And I hope (even if the ballot box looks like a garbage receptacle, as a friend quipped) that my votes won’t go to trash and that whoever win will lead us to a better Philippines.

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