Political KRISis

  1. “Let me take this opportunity to thank the 43% who voted for my brother. Maraming Salamat po! And sa 57%, aalagaan ko po kayo.” (Pilipinas Got Talent, Sat Live)

  2. “Kakapagod because I have campaigned in the whole Philippines…” (The Buzz)

  3. ” Kaklaruhin ko lang po, ang sinabi ko naman po dati kung makakasira po ako kay Noy, by all means lalayas ako pero sana ho hindi n’yo i-take it as being mayabang, pero it’s a fact nakatulong po ako sa kapatid ko…And balak ko pong tulungan si Noy in every possible way that I can for as long as he wants me to help him.” (The Buzz)

  4. “Napagpasyahan po namin na for the duration of Noy’s presidency, magpapaalam po ako sa aking mga shows that can cause controversy for him. Ang ibig pong sabihin niyan, iiwan ko po ang ‘SNN’ … at…‘The Buzz’.” (SNN, Tuesday)
  5. “It is a choice, a sacrifice I’m making, kasi napakahirap po na any comment I make can be misinterpreted. Kawawa naman po ang kapatid kong si Noynoy kung dahil nagpaka-taklita ako, e, siya po ang magiging tagasagot pa, di ba? E, opinyon ko naman ho iyon, e.” (SNN, Tue)


The words above came from the mouth of Kris Aquino, sister of top ranking (but not yet proclaimed) presidential candidate  Noynoy Aquino.

Here is my two cents to her blahs:

  1. Somebody might have forgotten these facts:  a) total Philippine population=94,013,200 (NSO 2010 estimate) ; total registered Filipino voters=50,723,733; *total election turnout= 38M; partial Noynoy votes (latest)= 14, 012,761; Kris, do the math and you’ll realize that there is more than 57% Filipinos that you have to take care of. 😉

  2. Excuse me, based on your itinerary (as shown in The Buzz), you have only visited 2 municipalities in Mindanao, Zamboanga City and Ozamiz. You even cancelled your April 27 motorcade here in Bukidnon. So, is Mindanao not part `1of the Philippines, too?

  3. Ok, ok, you, your shows and commercials and your trips “all over the Philippines” have helped the campaign. Stay put, ok. Just stay where you are now. ٩(×̯×)۶
  4. Before this, I overreacted, I even thought that Kris will ‘help’ her brother by joining his administration. But with this “sacrifice”, I say kudos to Kris. Indeed, Noy Aquino will have to concentrate on solving national crises– not the ‘krisis’ caused by his sister. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
  5. In a sing-song voice, Taamah! 😉
*total number of Filipinos who actually voted in the recent elections

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