Laugh Trip

VI. Write a joke. Make sure it’s funny.

This is the last part in the removal exam that I have given my English2 students last month.

Below are some of their jokes:

Juan: Ma’am, how do you pronounce the 3rd month of the year? Eypril or April?

Teacher: Silly, it’s April.

Juan: Ma’am you’re wrong. It’s March.


Boy: I can’t live without you.
Girl: Then why are you still alive?


During a cremation, all of the relatives stood in silence until a child blurted out, “Mom, is it already cooked?”


Q: Why do dwarfs laugh while running in the meadow?

A: Because the grasses tickle them when they pass.


Girl: What is your plan?
Boy: Plan?
Girl: Yes, plan.
Boy: Oh, plan… Plan versus zombie?


Woman: Boy, is that river deep?

Boy: No, it’s very shallow.

(The woman took a dive. Minutes later…)

Woman: Help! Help!

Boy: What’s wrong?

Woman: You boy! This river is not shallow at all. It’s very deep. Help me!

Boy: Oh, I thought it’s shallow because when the ducks went across the river, the water is only up to their chest.


What is this?

1.   SSSSSSS                                         2. ~~~~

SSSSSSS                                                           ~~~~

3.       [                                                     4.       ….


Ma’am, smile, ma’am, please.


Ans: 1) noodles 2) racing worms 3) staple wire 4) tip of a fork

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