Zettai Kareshi

the boss. the robot. the idiot.

Konnichiwa! O-genkidesu ka?* Oh dear. My addiction with Japanese manga and movies has sparked again.

The culprit? The movie marathon my roommies and I ran last month. Among the movies we watched is Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), a Japanese series about  Izawa Riko, a lady who found comfort from a humanoid robot after a string of failed attempts at relationships. I enjoyed watching the love triangle of Asamoto Soshi, Riko and Tengo Night (the robot who has surprisingly shown greater humanity in the series).

Some quotes:

Chief Shirasagi: Do you know how this word was read a long time ago?

love or sorrow?

Namikiri: Love?

Chief: In Heian literature, they read it as “sadness.” Love may have originally meant sadness.

Namikiri: Changing your life needs the courage to take the first step.

Riko: It might be okay. Even if it’s a robot or a human, you always get hurt so it’s just the same…

Chief: A humanoid robot lover is certainly a ground-breaking new product. Unlike a human, it won’t get mad if you treat it badly. And if you don’t need it anymore, you can dispose of it. Isn’t it just wonderful?

Night: Miss Fujiko, what should I do to make Riko happier?
Fujiko: What?
Night: It is my duty to make her happy.
Fujiko: That’s a little exaggerated, isn’t it?
Night: It’s because I’m her boyfriend.
Fujiko: It’s not as much what you should do but what you want to do for her. What is important is that you love her.

Night: I love you Riko.

Riko: It must be nice to be simple-minded, you just have to follow your programming.

Night: That’s right. But I really love you Riko.

Soshi: You’re not shy, are you? Saying things about love all the time.
Night: If you love someone, isn’t it natural to say so?

Namikiri: Taking away ones emotions is the same as taking away ones life, isn’t it?

Night: I want you to fulfill your dreams, so don’t worry about me…I’ll be waiting so go to Paris.
Riko: Your programming is great!
Night: It’s not my programming.
Riko: Eh?
Night: Don’t you know? It’s because I love you.

Fujiko: There are many forms of love in the world and maybe yours is the first.

Namikiri: Chief, before you said that love was formerly known as sorrow. But I don’t think so. Love is the start of every miracle.

Series: Zettai Kareshi Manga: Absolute Boyfriend
* Two of the very few Nihongo words I know. Read as: Kon-nee-chi-wah. Oh-gen-ki-dess-kah? 😉



Photo: Thoughts on the Asian Stage

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