Welcome home

home at last!

On the way to my sweet home, I can already hear the words “You’re home!” I am returning to the place that gave me the love that I am so thankful for.

 Blotting out my sadness and painting a smile on my face,
I pretend as if everything is alright.
I admit that although I can understand the importance of belief,
It is in the most critical of moments that I doubt myself.
And though thus empty body of mine seems to almost float through the passage of time,
There is this feeling that always carries me forward:
The feeling of longing to hold you in my arms.
Before I could even say, “I’m home!” I could already hear “You’re back!”
Those words are enough to cause my heart to brim over.
Returning to my sweet home, I could already hear the words, “You’re home!”
I am returning to the place that blessed me with love that I am forever grateful for:
My sweet home.
I truly believe that those
Who only keep their own interests at heart are characters of deceit;
But I also know that there are those
Who are desperately crying out for a change.
Because of you, I have come to appreciate that
There is no such thing as an ordinary happiness in this world…
And it is this knowledge that continues to drive me forward.
Before I could even call out, “I’m home!” I can already hear “You’re back!”
In this continued acceleration of everyday life
I could hear the words “You’re home” echoing from my sweet home,
And therein lays a scene that remains eternally unchanging,
There in my sweet home.
Having searched and having lost,
There are emotional wounds that I have to face.
It was in the power of those simple words
That I drew my strength: the words, “You’re home”
Already I can hear them say. “You’re back!” Before I could enter, “I’m home!”
Indeed, their words are more than enough to fill my heart over.
Returning to the sweetness of home, I can already hear, “You’re home!” I’m heading back to the place where I owe my debt for the love it bestowed upon me: My sweet home.
I can already hear the words, “You’re home!” As I dream of replying, “I’m home!”
Everything is truly alright now because you are there.
On my way back home, I could already hear the words, “You’re back!”
Wait for me, I be soon arriving,
My sweet, sweet home.


This is a translation of Okaeri, a Japanese song written and sung by Ayaka (which is also the theme song of the Japanese series Zettai Kareshi). This translation is made by crytalise, Ayaka’s die-hard fan, who has recently closed her blog. I hope she won’t mind if she finds this. 🙂
Ok. So I am home. At last! 😀
*This is a photo of one of my cats named Mimi. (=.=)

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