Of Christ and Crowns

THIS MORNING, I was awakened by the crows of the roosters in our backyard.

Yes, I live in a dormitory (I’m the only instructor there) where roosters run scot-free in the lawn. The first time I saw them–which was a month ago–made me boil. I was going out to hang my newly washed clothes when I saw that the clotheslines were removed to give space to the roosters. After that, Saturdays would mean cockfights ( sabong) with so many people cheering in the yard.

Well, I got over my hatred to roosters because they had served as my newest alarm clocks– along with the Muslim’s dawn prayer azan (bang as we call it). As the prayer heard at 4am no longer wakes me, the roosters do a good job in helping me for my 7am classes. They would start crowing twice, once in 5:45 and another in 8am.

So this Sunday I woke up at the second tiktilaok. I reached for my phone and read a friend’s text message.  My friend, a reporter in Bukidnon who used to be a seminarian, always sends me Sunday gospels. It turned out the Church just follow cyclical lists of gospels per liturgical year (for ex. 2009 follows Cycle B, Year I). With those weekly gospels, I get to know what the priest talked about even if I won’t go to church.

Anyway, the gospel is about Christ the King being dethroned and put on the sidelines.  I believe today’s gospel. We now see so many uncrowned Kristos in the sidelines while crowned roosters fight for their lives and the cheering crowd. And Kristos could win in memory contests, too!

Speaking of crowns, I remembered Prince Will’s engagement to Kate. So? Best wishes. Sigh. Even if Harry Potter (I know, I know, he’s Dan Radcliffe) makes more money than them and they are greatly financed by their people, a lot are still crazy over blue bloods. I don’t know why when they are just a bloodline of people who got the chutzpah to claim that God anointed them to rule and make people’s lives miserable.

Speaking of blue bloods also makes me think of vampires.  I realize I have seen many of them already. From the Twilight saga, the hooker manga Vampire Knight, Vampire Diaries, True Bloods, Blue Bloods, spoofy Vampires Suck (which really suck, btw) to the vampires in the teleserye Imortal. Waaaaah. Give me a break. These vamps and others give us more to think about than God himself.

So much of these crows. Good night!


Typed on November 21, 2010. Published today because of slooooow internet connection.

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