Remembering 11/23

one cry: JUSTICE!

I have just arrived from a prayer rally for the 1st anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre. It was a gathering of campus journalists in MSU and some concerned students and teachers. I hope that God will hear our pleas. Justice is not elusive after all (or is it?).


My friend Lor Mahinay who is a history major said that it’s more appropriate to call the carnage as Ampatuan Massacre and not Maguindanao massacre. Why? Because majority of the massacres that took place in the Philippines are named by the city or municipality where they were committed (eg. Ipil Massacre, Tangub Massacre are not called Zambo Sibugay or Lanao del Norte massacres).

Since the carnage took place in the Ampatuan town (which happened to be named after the ruling clan) it should be called Ampatuan Massacre. It’s not also right to label it as Maguindanao massacre because it would not only involve the province itself but the whole Magui tribe (I have a student last semester who said that he’s from Sultan Kudarat even if he’s really from Maguindanao ). And besides, it’s as silly as naming that carnage as Philippine massacre (as was done by some international media outlets).

There are only a few who objects on this, though, as it is said that some of the Ampatuans have already changed their surnames to Ampa, Ampat, Ampuan and Tuan.

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