AND BECAUSE we are all dying (we are, inevitably), it would be difficult for us to accept death. People would go on great lengths just to avoid hurtful realities and hide in denial.

In dying, people  go through five stages.

The first stage is denial. Many people are still on this stage spending their time as if they would live forever and waiting, waiting for good things to happen and not making them by themselves.  Second stage is anger, we can see people on this stage: emos. Third is bargaining with God, we have a lot in this stage, the ones who do good just to appease Him. Fourth, depression, we have a lot in this stage in mental asylums, cemeteries, movie houses, malls, etc. And fifth is finally acceptance. The people in this stage are the ones who could truly live like they’re dying and ergo, they live fully.


So, this is Thursday, one of my busiest days this week (the other day is Monday).

Gaaah, I used up all my energy today in 4 classes. The first one starts at 7am then another at 11:30-1 then 1-2:30 and 4-5:30.

I have done so many mental gymnastics just to make my students see the light of my lectures and yet, in this one particular day, my students in 2 classes were silent most of the time. It has pissed me because silence could mean so many things, it could be anger, boredom, stupidity and I can’t be a dictionary all the time. So my students have to endure my ribbing or they have to talk.

I have not been trained as an educator but I graduated as a communication major. I should know how to get my message across but what is happening? Do I need to do some gymnastics in class, instead?


lee min ho!

Tonight, I am again watching Perfect Match, a Korean TV series (much to the delight of my dormates and my stiff neck). Last night, Sgt. Gino (Lee Min Ho) suggested ways on how real women should act—like not eating too much on a date, making a guy wait, walking with poise, etc. While I do not agree that women are made by a list of guidelines, I still find the drama relaxing. It’s something to smile, no giggle, about before going to sleep.


And speaking of Korea. I hope the conflict would end. Politics is really a great way to curb population explosion. 😦

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