Winter of Discontent

pwede bang makisukob sa payong mo?


TODAY I WOKE UP with these sounds. I immediately remembered that today is Saturday which means Sabong day (grrrrr). I thought those are the sounds of the fighting cocks,  but I was wrong. They are the sounds of the roosters’ owners and their bettors. What a scream.

This week, Christmas songs have woken me up and as I have not yet braced myself for the cold Christmas air, the “krookrookroo” is an amusing alternative.

One reason why I can’t still get over from my gray November was this:

Saturday: The Lost Shade

After a loong rainy day at a campus journ seminar, I proceeded at one of my fave net cafes in the MSU commercial center. After 2 hours of surfing the web, I decided to go home and get my newly bought umbrella (stacked in the cafe rack).

The umbrella, which is of good quality, is the first I’ve bought this semester from my own pocket (the last umbrella I have was stolen at the dorm’s lobby last June, all my other umbrellas the past years were either lost or stolen or borrowed and never returned). It’s dark gray with white lining and translucent tips and I even wrote my name in its strap. Ate Kulot, my former roommie, helped me chose that umbrella. It’s so simple and I expected to have it for years.

When I went to get my umbrella from the nook of the net cafe, it’s no longer there. “I don’t know. If it is here then I would give it to you, but it’s not,” was all the cafe-in-charge could say.  As it’s raining outside, he just gave me the only unclaimed battered umbrella in the rack and told me to return the next day to check if my umbrella was returned. It made perfect sense.

I told my roommies about it with fumes coming out of my nose and ears (think Majinbo). This is all they have said:

R1: Na, ako man gani mahal kayo ako payong, gikan pajud sa ako mama. Two seconds lang ko nakalingi, nawala na dayon. (My experience is even worse as my umbrella is so expensive and came from my mother. I have just been distracted for 2 secs and it was gone!)
R2: In-ana jud na te. Bisag unsa ginakawat na karon. (That’s the way it is. Anything can get stolen nowadays.)
R3: Oh no, kachada ra ba adto na payong. Kasayang. (Oh no, it’s such a nice umbrella. What a loss.)
Methink: Ok, my umbrella is not expensive and I don’t have a mother. Things get stolen, things get lost, even beautiful cheap things. But don’t I have the right to weep? You youngsters, have I infected all of you so much with my pessimism?
Me: Pahangin lang ko. (I went out and banged the door.)

I went to my old roomies and they let me watched funny videos of themselves (Ate Kulot is the craziest, the funniest). We then watched the movie ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid‘. Yeah, I got the message: I’m such a wimp.

Sunday: Splurge

My roomies decided to accompany me to search for pirated dvds in some stores in the campus. It made me so happy!  I bought Harry Potter part 1 and the Perfect Match series (at last) for P100! Splurge!

I went back to that blasted net cafe to return that crappy umbrella and found out to my surprise that my umbrella was still not returned. Anyway, we first watched the first 3 episodes of PM and I got a few laughs.

Monday: Holeyday.

It’s Bonifacio Day, well not really, Tuesday was the real BDay but it was changed because of  holiday economics. I returned to the net cafe again to ask for my umbrella. I have resolved to ask them again and again ad nauseam to piss the cafe-in-charge. I was the one who got pissed in the end. Could I do a Boni?

Tuesday: After school bukol

After my classes, I went back at the net cafe and this time met the owner. I informed her that the umbrella rack is not safe.

“May mga tao palang kumukuha ng di kanila!” she exclaimed.
Methink: Oo nga eh.
Owner: But was it expensive? Couldn’t you buy another one?
Methink: Grrrrrrrr. Pigilan nyo akoooo.
Me: Kahit cheap yon, may sentimental value yun sa akin. Hindi ko kayang palitan.
Owner: Ahhh.

Wednesday: Sick day

I got sick and tired.

Thursday: Rainy day

It rained so hard so I got no choice but to buy another cheap umbrella. This time, it’s black, it costs less than a hundred, has no lining and no translucent tips.

Friday: Sick and Rain day

I got sick again but still managed to attend my classes (I know there would be a holiday next week, Amon Jadid, Islamic new year, so my students would feel shortchanged). During the rain, I noticed the umbrella fabric in two tips got ripped off making it crescent-shaped. I got wet.


I realized that little losses could rekindle the other greater losses in life. But we have to endure. There are a lot of sick people in this world, those who just went with the rivers flow thinking that it’s the way life will be. For those who move against the current, the river may be long and strong but we have to endure. Krookrookroo!

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