Yesterday, Today

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Yesterday: Graduation Blues

Attending the graduation rites of a friend could also be a pain no matter how dear that friend is. Yesterday, during the Octoberian graduates’ (Decemberian?) send-off,  I remembered my own graduation just a few months ago.

The setting is the same, the gold trimmings on the stage, the maroon canopies, the humidity, the air. But a lot is different, though: the guest speaker (but the same _______ speech), the graduates (also smaller in number), their parents, the feeling that’s welling in me…

It’s the same setting but with different people. There’s no father who looks like he was about to cry, no sister who’s pissed with my on-the-spot angle lectures, no more classmates and batchmates who seem eager to get over with the rites, no more maroon toga and handmade fez-like cap, no more; just me with that awful feeling while holding two garlands for my friend.

The ceremony ended at 1pm (just like the previous one), I walked to my friend, hugged her (and found out she’s feverish), put the wreaths on her neck, greeted her folks (who are the reasons why she attended the grad though sick) and bade goodbye.

Yesterday, I understood how St. Peter must be feeling. While he is waiting outside the pearly gates and ushering people inside, I am waiting inside the gates and bidding goodbye.

I went to the same resto we went to after I graduated. As before, it was full of people. I did not go in. I went instead to the net cafe where my father sat with me as I updated my FB after my graduation. As always, the line was fluctuating.

Ahhhh, there are lots of things in life which we could never have again.

Today: In Limbo

What matters, most of the time, is the gray matter.

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