Kidnap stories

SO it’s true that we’re tense.

Who wouldn’t after 2 students were kidnapped amidst a busy street on a Tuesday morning?

But people have a lot to say. They said that they are lovers who met for an  early morning date. They said more than P200K was demanded by the abductors. They said that the girl was already violated, the guy already tortured. They said…they said…

It’s a sad fact that while we are nearer to the victims, we are not nearer to the truth. Speculations, intrigues abound while the truth is in hiding. What’s’ sadder is that there are journalists (churnalists?) who have churned those speculations into “credible” news stories thereby spreading of ignorance.

The’s news report above is based only on the speculations of students who don’t know better.

Reading “the two kidnapped students were lovers who snuck out for an early morning tryst” made me ask, are you trying to make them Romeo and Juliet?


1. Shiela Vidal, 18,  is a 1st year student (as opposed to both Inquirer & GMA reports which stated that she’s 2nd year) in MSU’s College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (CHARM) from Agusan del Norte.

2. Alcher Baricuatro, 19, is also a freshman in the College of Agriculture from Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. Based on my own research, he is not enrolled this semester.

3. The two were not lovers but mere church-mates (Seventh Day Adventists). Based on the interview conducted by Mercie Belandres, a campus journalist, the family of Vidal has expressed distress due to the news blaming their daughter for dating early morn.

4. The two were kidnapped in 5th St (as opposed to both Inq and GMA reports that they were snatched at the Dairy Farm). The basis for those flawed reports is the statements of Baricuatro’s roommates (whose cottage is in 5th st) as they were privy of his plan to go to the farm. The girl is on her way to a print shop in 5th street to print her report (on 7am according to her sister); we could presume that they saw each other in 5th st.

5. The two were released this morning. According to the DSS (Division of Security Services) chief, no ransom was paid.

Complete version: Mindanao State U tense after 2 students kidnapped

Other Reports

Inquirer: 2 Mindanao State studes abducted 2 MSU students abducted in Marawi City — Army Manila Bulletin: Kidnapped MSU students freed

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