Life in Pink

Don’t be mad, I know I should be strong, I should not cry. You have experienced this yourself when you are young and yet you turned out well, scathed maybe but strong.  I know I should be, too, but I just can’t help being sad today.

When I woke up this morning, I felt a familiar lethargy I have felt 10 years ago, as if I’m being swallowed by my bed. I checked the calendar and I understood why. Today marks the 10th year of your absence.

I always wonder what the world would be like if you and Papa are still in it but I know I could only wonder and I  just have to console myself that things happen for a reason. I have to believe in that and I have to be grateful for whatever good life has given us.

But I just can’t help feeling blue today.

I just miss you, Ma.

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