24 Notes from 2013

last year's cacophony

last year’s cacophony

Okay, so I had typed tons of notes to my phone last year. Some were blog ideas, crazy ideas, random thoughts and feelings, rants, to-dos and other what-nots.

I am posting them here so they can be erased from my phone to give space for new notes. J

  1. People close to me know that when sad, angry or frustrated, I clean my room, immerse myself with work, read books or write poetry. Call this a form of sublimation, an effort to transform negative energy into positive. This had been my coping mechanism for years: making lemonade out of the lemons life throws to me. This is my way of telling life “Hey, YOU! I will not break down!”

Lately, however, I feel too weak to confront life. Just like a boxer with no hope at winning, I am just receiving punches waiting for this to end. With no effort at fielding those punches, maybe I’ll end up a dead meat before the bell rings. TKO. 05:48, Tue 25 Jun 2013
  1. APP DOCS: applet, compres, tor, dip, cert of emp, cert of elg, other certs.
  1. BANK DOCS: contact union bank, affidavit of adjudication, etc.
  1. The Darangen 2010 is out but i learned that my name is omitted. To rub salt on the wound, some batchmates who didn’t graduate were there. 😥
  1. Baby Names (Girl): Sofia Isabel, Sophia Isabelle, Sofia Isabella, Sofia Isabelle. Nicknames: Sofie (Sofi or Sophie), Saab, Vivi. Baby Names (Boy)…
  1. I was watching TV when i got hit with this idea: what if there would be mandatory schooling for prisoners? There would be diagnostic tests, volunteer teachers & multi-level and inter-disciplinary curricula. Aside from basic 3R classes, there would be core and elective courses such as ethics of man, art, creative writing, literature, music, communication, humanities, agriculture. Imagine what the world would be like if such as system exists… 10:57pm. Fri 20 Sep 2013
  1. “Kung mamad-an ang atabay ug wa nay makalos, paglapog. Kay ang kalayo sa dughan maoy tinubdan sa talagsaong kusog.” ~Anijun Mudan-udan
(If the well gets parched and no water can be drawn, build a fire. For the fire within you is a source of rare strength.)
  1. PW:*****************
  1. I’m an MSUan. I’m a SURVIVOR. 11:24pm, Tue 1 Oct 2013
  1. To **: You don’t need food. You can’t even appreciate it and the efforts made to prepare it. You just want food to have the option not to eat it. You don’t want nourishment, you want power.
  1. 3 Laws of Robotics: don’t cause harm thru action or inaction, follow rules, preserve self.
Future robots programmed with these laws will be better than humans. The latter, it seems, are only programmed with the 3rd law, some none at all.
  1. Offred. He’s 60…
  1. “Yun nga ang masaya eh, nung huli ko lang nalaman na 16 lang sya…” ~Freddie Aguilar, Buzz ng Bayan
  1. Why is Greenland named so when it’s in the arctic? Why can’t we remember our infant years? What does 0 degree in Fahrenheit signify?

  1. The Traveler and the Nymph. Delivered in Verses and Anecdotes, MSU Through the Years: A Celebration and Reminiscence. (Aug 23, 2011, CSSH Lobby)
  1. Future businesses: bookstore (could be a franchise of BookSale or not), internet cafe (w/ a lounge for coffee/choco drinkers); Names: Bytes and Pages, The NetBook (This note, btw, had spurred vigorous drafting of floor plans, perspective, front, side and rear views until past midnight.)
  1. House repairs needed: leaking pipes (sink, floor, yard), leaking lavabo, ceiling & roof, re-painting, doors and door jamb, walls, windows (the sala’s missing glass).
  1. “Grant me serenity within, for the confusions around are mere reflections of what’s within, what’s within me…”
  1. My autopilot self and my motivated self are snubbing each other but once the two become friends again, they will make a formidable me.

  1. SENATE HEARINGS. Govt officials: “I invoke my executive privilege.” Private citizens: “I invoke my right against self-incrimination.” Tsk.
  1. Wounded birds don’t look back not because they’re arrogant but because they’re afraid to get hurt again.
  1. One of the things I got from studying journalism is being able to see bullsh*t, even if it’s covered with grass.
  1. Yes, I’m poor, but I’m proud that I’ve lived with dignity. I have not stepped on others to get ahead or to vent my poverty. Yes, I’m an orphan but I’m proud I can stand for myself. I may be depressed now but this is a step towards recovery.
  1. It was a year of changes, having lived in two cities, frozen by despair’s winter and warmed by hope’s spring. It was a year of darkness and light, the worst times and the best. But I’m still grateful, because it’s when I have nothing that I have everything… Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!


So there. Happy New Year!

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